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The mayflower 2020 experience

Purposeful, educational travel

September 9-17 2020

You don't have to be a college student to study abroad.


Join Chronos Heritage Services on a quest to understand the beginnings of America beyond the myth.

London (3 days)

Contextualize life and the worldview of the separatists, including London Tower, Clink Prison, and Shakespeare's Globe.


Northern England (2 days)

Discover sites of importance to Winslow, Bradford, Standish, and Hopkins. See William Brewster's Manor House. Visit Gainsborough Old Hall where John Smyth held regular meetings.

Plymouth (3 days)

Stand on the Mayflower Steps, the monument commemorating the trip. Take sustenance at the Blackfriar's Plymouth Gin Distillery, believed to be the place the pilgrims took their last meal.

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