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About Chronos Heritage Services

Let us be your guide...

At Chronos Heritage Services, we strive to bring your unique history to life.  We offer more than just links in your family tree; we create meaningful stories that place your ancestors in a rich and meaningful historical context.

All of our work begins by creating a family tree or continuing one that you already started. We have three basic service packages, but if you have requests outside of our standard packages, we are more than happy to work with you!


At Chronos Heritage Services, we bring you the chronotope, places "where time and space have fused to create culturally and historically charged locations" according to Laura Ahearn. The chronotope was introduced by a literary scholar, Mikhail Bakhtin, and refers to the storyworld of novels. We believe that the storyworld, that is, time and place of your ancestors, is the chronotope you deserve!

Who We Are

Placing your Story with Purpose

At Chronos Heritage Services, we position ourselves as your fun-loving historical guides in your quest to discover who and where you come from. Our college degrees are in foreign languages, international relations, history, anthropology, recreation and leisure, and graphic design, and we love that we work in what we studied! We all love working on our own family trees, and transfer that love to yours.


We rely on our academic experience for genealogical standards of evidence to catalog, research, and cite, and our collective experience and curiosity for traveling the world and learning languages to ensure your discoveries, quests, and pilgrimages surpass your expectations.

When we consider cosmology, the study of the universe, we often wonder at our role and our place in the cosmos. Bring the time-space continuum down to Earth and consider the history and geography of your ancestors and your connection to them. Without a doubt, you will be dazzled.

In our spare time, you will find us traveling to Moscow, Dublin, Plymouth, or Krakow, engaging in historical reenactments with elaborate costumes, or reading and transcribing town records in the original language.


Whether you know nothing beyond who your grandparents are, or need us to try to answer a particularly difficult family tree conundrum, we have covered it all. Give us a call today to receive a free consultation from people who love learning and want to help!

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