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Chronos Travel Services

Chronos Heritage Services is made up of a multilingual staff of well-traveled research specialists, and vetted and celebrated tour guides. We take our love of culture, history, and travel, and pour it into our itineraries, which include commentary on how your trip relates specifically to your focal ancestors.

We combine the fun of tourism with the mystique of pilgrimage. You have the option to use our itineraries and take a self-guided tour. Additionally, we provide guided tours of the area of interest from your family tree, and outside our areas of expertise, we work with local guides who know the history and culture of the area better than anyone.

Don't know when travel might happen? Work with us on documentary and/or genetic genealogy and decide later if a "trees and tour" package is right for you!

Hawley Itinerary.PNG

Interested in retracing the footsteps of your ancestors by experiencing the places they called home?  Let us plan your itinerary and be your guide!  Through our genealogical research process, and with our vast network of local tour guides, we build an extensive knowledge base of the culture and landscapes of your ancestors.  Using that insight, we can create a travel plan directly connecting you to the actual places your family member lived, and the experiences that shaped their lives. We can create a self-guided itinerary or a quote for a fully guided tour.

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Purchase your Focal Ancestor Travel Package today! If you aren't sure about the travel portion, you can also send us a message and get the conversation started. Trees and tours always start with inquiries you have and we will be more than happy to help you. There is no pressure and no obligation!

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