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Adhering to Genealogical Proof Standards and Principles

At Chronos Heritage Services, we specialize in creating deeper and more meaningful profiles of your ancestors, helping bring their world and humanity to life, and this is done with care and adherence to the industry's ethical standards.  Through the use of historical records and primary resources, we create in-color profiles of your most fascinating family members, often called "case studies" in genealogy, using Genealogical Proof Standards (GPS). We take the time to get to know your ancestors, by reading documentation, seeking out photos, and filling in the gaps between records with local historical context. Our profiles paint a picture of the times they lived in as well as their personal stories.

Don't know who is interesting in your tree? Our interviews are designed to help you create meaningful research questions. There are always several noteworthy characters in every family's history.

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Planning Your Journey

At Chronos, we believe that your family and its history is unique. As such, we do not have any set templates for travel itineraries. We use the information that we learn while researching your ancestors to put together your travel plan for you. We strive to make the each itinerary deeply personal and tailored to you. No two trips will be the same, because no two ancestors are the same. This is about you and your family, so we will make sure that you go where your ancestors were before you and where you want to go.

You are a part of your family history, so get in touch with us and let us connect you back to your roots. 

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