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An Unforgettable Ancestor

If you are a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, it is possible that you already know who Agnes Taylor Schwartz is. If, like us, you are not a Mormon, this is probably not a name you have heard before, but we were so taken by her story that we couldn’t help but share. We came across this notable woman while doing genealogy research for a client. At first, we didn’t know that we had hit a gold mine of information. As you likely know, the majority of the information a genealogist finds on an ancestor lies in census records, birth and death certificates, and vital statistics. We can usually track where someone lived, perhaps what their job was, and whether they fought in a major war, but

On This Day in History: Agatha Christie's Birthday

On This Day in History is our effort at Chronos to shine light on people and events from our shared human heritage. Today we celebrate the birthday of a woman who, over the course of her life, was a pharmacist, author, surfer, missing person, suspected spy, playwright, and holder of two Guinness world records. We wish a happy 127th birthday to Dame Agatha Christie! Agatha Christie remains the record holder as the best selling author of all time, and additionally holds the record for the longest running play. She survived two world wars, two husbands, a mysterious disappearance, and even, if you can believe it, stand-up surfing. Agatha was born in 1890 in Devon, in southwest England. Rema

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