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Saved By the Bell: How Echoes of your Ancestors' Pasts Lie in their Education.

If you were anything like me in school, you probably dreaded getting report cards—but, if you’re a genealogist, they can be treasure troves of contextual information when studying your ancestor of choice. In fact, for professional genealogists like Nick Barrett (author of the book in our February Book Group this year), they’re not just interesting--they’re necessary to perform what the Board of Certification for Genealogists call an “exhaustive search”--a cornerstone of the Genealogical Proof Standard. Where do We Find Them? Of course, knowing that such things exist is entirely different from knowing where they exist. Luckily, scholastic records abound in the most popular genealogical resear

Wanted: Volunteers to Receive a Free Research Interview and Plan

We're looking for volunteers to help us train our intern! Donate 1 hour of your time for an initial US-based customer consult/interview, and we'll give you a summary and research plan ($50 value) for free! (appointments available through Jan 31, 2019 until interview schedule is full at 10 recipients) Want to test our intern? Chronos has a new intern (Welcome, Elodie!), and she’s whetting her genealogy chops by practicing writing summary and research plans for new clients. We're looking for volunteers (preferably who are not professionals in the field) to do a family history interview so that Elodie can get some fresh practice. In return, the volunteer will get Chronos’ comprehensive client r

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