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Historical Tourism: the New Bedford Whaling Museum

My friend Regan recently did what we call cultural or historical tourism because, in her words, “I’d never been there. I just went along for the ride. Just an experience.” She’s talking about the New Bedford Whaling Museum in Massachusetts. Moby Dick didn’t really come up despite her English degree when Regan and her husband Lance went to Nantucket with another couple who has an organization called Phoenix Swords, which does historical reenactment, with swords! Since Lance does 18th century reenactment, they all had common interests in history and travel, and fun, thus, the Whaling Museum. “They do a really good job of explaining the people and place around it, acknowledging whaling as a pra

How to preserve an old photo album

You've found a photo album in a box in the garage or under a bed or in a closet. You've started looking through them and it's such a wonderful find! But... now what? How do you protect this treasure? First of all, don't take the pictures out! Just as a single song forms part of a band's album and contributes to a piece of art greater that the song, a single photo is part of a collection that has meaning. Your mom or grandmother or great aunt put that album together for a reason, and the reason is worth preserving. Buy two items that will help preserve the album: an acid-free box and a couple yards of unbleached muslin. Wrap the album in the fabric and store in the box. No space? Pass i

Ship Images Fill in Your Ancestor's Story

Ellis Island and Angel Island are iconic locations for ship-based immigration, and for many people researching their family tree, figuring out the name of the boat our ancestor was fresh off of is exciting. Seeing a picture of that boat can really add depth to the appreciation for our ancestor’s life and experiences. The Mystic Seaport Museum has a fantastic database of ship images. Once you figure out the name of the ship, see if the image and other details are available here! Grover Cleveland said that “in calm water, every ship has a good captain” but just like ships’ captains, you don’t want to get sloppy tying down the ropes of your research. You must

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