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An Unorthodox Marital History

Today, we decided to share a spotlight on a particularly interesting ancestor that we found in one of our clients' family tree. Unlike the previous spotlight, this one focuses on a figure who was not a particularly nice or kind person and in fact is remembered as being something of a philanderer. Edward Rich South had a very well-documented life, such that what we know about him goes far beyond basic vital records. He was born in 1869 to a well-to-do family and grew to be a man of some prominence in his community. He appears to have been a rather attractive and charismatic man, who found it easy to attract others to him. The problems arose after he married his first wife, Mary Ann, with whom

I am a Neandertal (and so are you)

"Don't be such a Neandertal!" You may have heard the insult tossed around toward someone acting particularly brutish. The idea, of course, is that the Neandertals were a sluggish, unsophisticated, caveman kind of people who died off long ago due in part to the superiority of our own species, Homo sapiens. We endeavor to uncover the story of the past by telling the story of our ancestry. A part of the story of our shared human ancestry lies with the Neandertals, and our other human sibling-species, tens of thousands of years ago. Once upon a time, the human race did not walk alone on Earth. For millennia, Homo sapiens (or rather, an ancestral species to Homo sapiens) were a part of a broad hu

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