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Genealogy Tip: Trying Different Dates

We recently got a strong reminder that sometimes family recollections of birth and death dates are not the end-all and be-all. One of our clients came to us with just a few pieces of information to start with. He knew a reasonable amount about his mother's side of the family, including some auspicious family legends that he wanted to learn the truth about. The thing he didn't know about was his father. See, his father left the family when he was 10, in about 1963 and died at the age of 45 when he was 16... or so he thought. We spent hours looking for someone named Lee Gray in the right city, who was born in 1918. We found nothing beyond one 1960 directory that offered us no new information,

We're Back!

With one of our storytellers moving to a new country, another getting sick, and everyone being hard at work with new projects, we have let the blog go a little bit. Now, however, we are dusting things off and excited to get back to writing. Be sure to check out new blog posts, which will be back to their usual Friday publishing dates. And don't forget to give your loved ones the gift of family this holiday season with a discounted genealogy package or a gift card! Thank you all for the patience! Your family friends, Chronos Heritage Services

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