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It's Time to Address your New Year's Resolution to Read... a Spy Novel!

Would you like to join our February book discussion? There's still time! Pick up a copy of Nick Barratt's The Forgotten Spy today and come chat with the group. It's time to pick up right where we left off last week....The plot is thickening, as the aftermath of World War I leaves Germany devastated and the USSR isolated, preparing to send operatives around the globe to gather intelligence for the soviet cause. Meanwhile, the Foreign Office (including Oldham, working within it) must evolve rapidly to the changing landscape. Join our community today to join the discussion

Take our DNA Relative Research Survey!

Some people are simply "once and done" DNA testers. They receive their ethnicity results, and that's that. No need to do any more research. For genealogists, this means the frustrating situation of no more logging in to respond to emails asking how we might be related. For a select group, such as adoptees or people who think there might be a new close biological relative out there, the results can be life-changing and upending. You might choose to meet your new parent or sibling and start a new relationship. For most of us who are working on our family trees, we have a long list of DNA "cousins"-- people we are related to, near and far, who are something between close family and strangers to

2019 Book Group Kick Off

Wednesday, February 6 was our start date to begin reading The Forgotten Spy by Nick Barratt. If you haven't started yet, don't worry! Grab a copy and join us when you can :) In the meantime, let our recording of the kickoff meeting motivate you!

Codebreakers, Communists, and the Catastrophic Raid on ARCOS

The date is 12 May, 1927—two years before the collapse of the global stock market, and, with it, the luxury of jazz in your ears and coffee on your lips. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon—rush hour for your comrades not on break, as they shuffle about, papers in hand. Suddenly, the London Metropolitan Police burst through the doors, interpreters in tow, and you rush to shred and burn whatever documents you can find before you’re apprehended1. You know the media is going to have a field day with this. You, in this case, are an employee of the All Russian Cooperative Society (ARCOS). While, in the words of Nick Barrett, “there was no smoking gun evidence of espionage[, t]he consequences were monument

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