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Chronos Learns What's Happening at the National Genealogical Society Conference in Grand Rapids

Today is the day that the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was officially established in 1850, when the village voted for the city charter.

I'm here, 68 years later, for the National Genealogical Society's annual meeting, and the role of the Great Lakes area is certainly prominent.

First, what a lovely river city! Second, what lovely weather (79 degrees)! Third, what wonderful events and talks there are.

On my radar this week are sessions on the historic role of beer in the region, border crossings between Canada and the Great Lakes, and some skill-building workshops on indirect evidence, mapping ancestors' footsteps, and tracking African-American ancestors to northern industrial cities. You can check out the full program of the NGS Family History Conference here.

Representing Chronos Heritage Services and honing my genealogical research skills, I feel a direct connection with people and their stories in both time and place, and attending a national conference like NGS is invigorating and professionally rewarding.

Do you have any Great Lakes ancestors in your tree?

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