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How to preserve an old photo album

You've found a photo album in a box in the garage or under a bed or in a closet. You've started looking through them and it's such a wonderful find! But... now what? How do you protect this treasure? First of all, don't take the pictures out! Just as a single song forms part of a band's album and contributes to a piece of art greater that the song, a single photo is part of a collection that has meaning. Your mom or grandmother or great aunt put that album together for a reason, and the reason is worth preserving. Buy two items that will help preserve the album: an acid-free box and a couple yards of unbleached muslin. Wrap the album in the fabric and store in the box. No space? Pass it on to your children or donate it to a local historical society.

For more on materials needed to store your photo album and ideas on how to preserve family memories, join the Chronos Community.

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