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Of Tea and Treachery: Trace the Origins of Britain's 1st Real Superspy with Chronos Heritage&#39

To anyone who's ever thought that genealogy is boring, kindly allow us to enlighten you.

Our Plans for the Next Book Group

We are ecstatic to continue our Book Group tradition this year, with celebrity genealogist Nick Barrat’s The Forgotten Spy: The Untold Story of Stalin’s First British Mole. Nick is well-known in Britain for such popular shows as Who Do You Think You Are? and the BAFTA-nominated Seven Wonders of the Industrial World, so this is an exciting opportunity to see his literary talent shine.

What’s It About?

This book follows the life of the titular spy, Ernest Oldham, and the sociopolitical maelstrom of the early 20th century that molded him into a man of espionage. Its dual focus on both the “microcosmic” world of genealogy, and the “macrocosmic” one of military and political history that affect it, make it easy to pick up, regardless of your genealogy or spy novel experience.

Why Does it Matter?

From schoolboy to desk clerk to soldier to messenger, track the man who is perhaps the closest thing Cold War Europe has to a real-life Forrest Gump. CIA estimates put the number of spies working in the U.S. to be in the 1000’s: could someone equally fantastic be hiding in your family tree?

Please, feel free to grab a copy of The Forgotten Spy and dive into the intrigue of this fascinating era!

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