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Expected percentage centimorgans for relatives

Some people are simply "once and done" DNA testers. They receive their ethnicity results, and that's that. No need to do any more research. For genealogists, this means the frustrating situation of no more logging in to respond to emails asking how we might be related.

For a select group, such as adoptees or people who think there might be a new close biological relative out there, the results can be life-changing and upending. You might choose to meet your new parent or sibling and start a new relationship.

For most of us who are working on our family trees, we have a long list of DNA "cousins"-- people we are related to, near and far, who are something between close family and strangers to us.

That is exactly what our research study is working on describing-- what is the nature of our relationship to our DNA relatives?

Would you like to weigh in? Take our 4-minute survey today!

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