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Conveyances as Genealogy Resources

If you are anything like us, then you are always looking for new resources for genealogy research. We get so excited when we find new resources that we just have to share them with the world! One such resource that we found recently is a collection from the Georgia Archives.

The Colonial Conveyances is a collection provided by the Georgia Archives, an archive that houses "historic Georgia manuscripts, photographs, maps, and government records", according to the website. The documents in this collection are mostly recordings of private property transactions between private citizens of the Colony of Georgia, but some include other documents like marriage records. This is one way that you can trace your ancestor in Georgia, as well as get an idea of what the lives of colonial Georgians looks like. The conveyances themselves are essentially property deeds and they were all recorded in Savannah, the seat of the government in the colony.

Colonial Conveyances - Click to visit!

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